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About Tacos El Goloso

Welcome to Tacos El Goloso. Back in 2019 in the heart ofHarbor City, California we established our first location as a small family operated business. Our journey began with gratitude for the tremendous support we received from our community. As a humble start-up, we quickly realized that birria was a cherished gem among our patrons, and we dedicated ourselves to perfecting not just the birria, but the entire customer experience.

A Grateful Beginning

Tacos El Goloso started as a modest family venture, and the warmth and support from our community have been the pillars of our success. We are profoundly grateful for every customer who has joined us on this flavorful journey.

Embracing the Birria Passion

In the early days, we discovered that birria had a special place in the hearts of our customers. It became a culinary love language, and we committed ourselves to making Tacos El Goloso the go-to destination for the best birria anyone could find. The sizzle of the grill, the aroma of spices, and the rich, savory taste of our birria all became integral parts of the unforgettable experience we wanted to offer.

Beyond Birria: Crafting Memories

Our dedication extends beyond the delicious flavors of birria. We believe that being a customer at Tacos El Goloso is not just about the food; it's about creating lasting memories. From the moment you step through our doors, our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your experience, from the service to the ambiance, adds to the richness of the moments you spend with us.

Your Journey with Tacos El Goloso

As we continue to grow from our small family beginnings to seven thriving locations, our commitment to excellence and gratitude remains unwavering. Join us in savoring the best birria in town and making memories that will linger long after your plate is empty.

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Story

To all our supporters, old and new, thank you for choosing Tacos El Goloso. Your support has transformed our small family business into a community hub, and we look forward to many more years of serving you with love and flavor. 

¡Your Amigos at Tacos El Goloso!